Welcome to our website and thanks for visiting.
My name is Randall Henderson owner.  I  am originally
from the great state of Maine where I was born and
raised until I left the Navy in 1988, and moved to Cape
Cod, where I Summered from my early childhood years
with My Parents and Grandparents.  
I have been in the building trade since 1988.  I love the
building trade and take great pride in whatever I produce
for my customers.
I have worked with some of the best carpenters through
out my building career here on The Cape, which has
enhanced my ability to come up with the best product any
one particular customer maybe looking for.  Feel free to
contact us at, our contact us page and feel free to ask
any questions you may have.  References may be obtained
on request.

Thanks again

Randall Henderson                              
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